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"For every minute
spent organizing,
an  hour is earned."

Some of our amazing clients

Organize your space, clear your mind

Life gets busy and chaotic for all of us which makes finding peace in our homes and workplaces absolutely essential. Organize My Chaos believes in providing judgement free organization services for individuals and businesses who don't have the time or expertise to effectively organize their space in a time efficient manner. 




Create more space for peace in your home by editing, purging and optimizing your space.

Pile of Boxes


Take the stress out of moving by professionally organizing all of your belongings.



Optimize your commercial space to create a more productive environment.

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Start With Your Free Organization Challenge

4 Saturdays to freedom is a FREE challenge that provides you with a fool proof methodological approach to decluttering your home. Each Saturday focuses on one carefully selected, high-clutter area.

Our Work

Our Work

We prioritize finding the best way to organize your space in a way that increases functionality and is aesthetically pleasing.

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