November 23, 2017

Winters can be harsh and, in some places, blizzards and snow can totally block your driveways and garages. A well insulated and warm garage can be the ideal place for work or storage during winter.

Cold weather can be unpredictable, the temperatures sometimes drop to frightening-lows and all that there is left to do is stay indoors and prepare to plow snow the next morning.  Garages are often the space you use for not only parking your car, but to store an assortment of miscellaneous items and whatnot.

If you have installed a power washer, the residual water in the pipes will freeze, causing cracks. The same applies for fuel gels that will also harden and cause damage to combustion engines. If you are storing paint in your garage, it is sure to freeze, which will cause it to separate, making it useless.

Here are a few tips to winterize your garage to save the damage and hassle:


Weatherstripping is really important when it comes to staying warm indoors and prevents...

November 16, 2017

Fall is the perfect time of the year to start organizing your kitchen. With the cool breeze blowing outside, it’s time you step up to revamp your kitchen for the season. After all, it’s worth noting that the holidays are just a few weeks away. Here are some simple yet effective tips to organize your kitchen for this vibrant season:

Clear out the fridge & freezer
Clear out remnants from the warmer months such as freezer-burned Popsicle sticks and old food supplies that are past their expiration date. Replace these meals with loads of root vegetables, cans of soup, hearty cuts of meat and frozen meals. While you purge, analyze all the summer leftovers you can use for the fall season. This includes the fresh batch of tomato sauce you made when tomatoes were in season! 

Organize your baking essentials
Fall is the perfect time of the year to bake cookies, pies, fresh loaves of bread – you name it. To ensure you don’t turn your kitchen into a chaotic mess, make sure all of your baking essent...

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