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Happy Thanksgiving!

Can you believe summer is over? Where has it gone? As much as I hate to see summer fade, I do love the fall and all it has to offer. The gorgeous fall flowers, the incredible fall foliage, the delicious smell of apple pie cooking, and the fresh, crisp air. Time to put away the summer things and get ready for cooler weather ahead. This long weekend gives us just what we need to do that - an extra day we can devote to organizing. Time to declutter and put things in order so we can stop moving summer clothes out of the way to find our cozy sweaters, tossing sandals to the side of the closet (on top of the pile of flip flops) to find our fall shoes, and digging through last years gathering of mismatched gloves and mittens to find a matching pair. Yes, the time is here to bravely march forward and organize our homes (and lives) so we can enjoy more leisure time sipping cider in front of a warming fire, apple picking, or curling up and enjoying a good book. After all, we will have earned it! I like to start by looking around my house and identifying what needs to be done. Bathroom? Bedroom? Kitchen? Hallway? Craft room? It always boils down to which room causes me the most anxiety. Once I’ve identified the room, I make a list of what needs to be done. I try to be reasonable with my list, so I don’t overwhelm myself and end up feeling frustrated. Here are 10 basic questions I ask myself when I start organizing, regardless of the room. These questions work for all spaces no matter where you decide to start.

Once you start the process and stick to these questions (answer them honestly) things will fall into place and before you know it, you will be on your way to a calm, organized home. If you find the task simply too overwhelming, you can always reach out to a Professional Organizer to guide you, or to do it for you. It's what we love to do! Here is a quote I have next to my computer for days when things get a little hectic and I find myself getting a little distracted from the task at hand. I hope you enjoy it and that it gives you that little boost we all need every now and then. It certainly gives me the inspiration I need to keep organizing!

If you click on the quote it will take you to our Pinterest site where you will find hundreds of creative ideas for organizing, storing, and decluttering. If you want something organized that we haven't covered, let us know and we'll create a Board for it! Happy Thanksgiving, and have fun organizing this long weekend. Remember, we're always available to help. "For Every Hour Spent Organizing, An Hour Is Earned" - Benjamin Franklin

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