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Finally Fall

Have you noticed the beautiful fall colours outside? The golds, browns, and spectacular crimson coloured leaves? Aren’t they gorgeous? They remind me of the colour of spices... warm, fragrant, and enticing spices - and spices remind me of cooking, which makes me think of the kitchen, which in turn reminds me I haven’t cleaned up my spice cabinet for quite a while! Do you regularly check your spices for expiration dates? We always hear about Spring Cleaning, but what about Fall Cleaning? It’s a perfect time to get organized for the Holidays and clean up from the good ol’ days of summer. I’m going to start with - you guessed it - my spice cabinet. Now is the perfect time to take out all of the spices, give them a quick wipe down, and check those expiration dates (spices do lose their potency, over time, so best to discard all those old ones!). While I have the spices out on my counter top, I’m going to wipe down the inside of the cabinet and organize the spices alphabetically when I put them back. That way, when I reach in for Allspice, I won’t grab Garlic by mistake. Oh, what a horrible mistake that would be!

Take a look at these spice storage ideas. There are so many options to choose from. I really like the idea of having a slide out spice rack, or having spices on the wall within easy reach. I also look at the pull-out drawers and think how handy they would be! Which ones are your favourites?

Maybe this one?

Or this one?

Choose one that works best for you and start organizing! You’ll be glad you took the time to organize now when you start your holiday baking and your spices from Achiote Seed to Zaatar (and everything in between) are in alphabetical order.

For more ideas, follow us on Pinterest where you will find over a thousand different ideas on how to help you organize everything from kitchens to make-up! Click on the Kitchen Organizing board to see these great ideas for storing you spices, as well as other pins to help your organize your kitchen. Happy organizing!

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