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Crazy ways to use skateboards for organizing!

Who would have thought the humble skateboard could be used in so many innovative (ingenious?!) ways to organize? Not us! We were looking for new and ‘out there’ ideas to share with you and came across these unbelievable ways to use skateboards.

Male, female, teenager or adult, we are about to blow you away with the most incredible organizing ‘tools’ we’ve seen in a long time. And trust us, we’ve seen literally thousands of ways to organize, but this is the most exciting thing we’ve seen in a long time. Those of you who have tripped (repeatedly!!) over a skateboard will truly appreciate why we are so eager to share these ideas with you. I mean, where do you store them? They fall out of the closet, trip you up at the doorway and slide down the wall when you try to prop them up. So how is the best way to store a skateboard?

Ta-da!! Now we realize the skateboard isn’t being used as an organizational tool, but what a cool way to store your skateboard AND organize at the same time? Brilliant!

You could use the shelf to hold books, tablets, jewelry, speakers, etc. Modern and useful! Win-win! Another way to organize your collection of skateboards!

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