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Back to School!

Do those three words make you jump for joy, sigh with sadness, or bring on an overwhelming sense of panic?! It's hard to believe that the start of a new school year is just around the corner. Whatever emotion those words evoke, the reality is that there is a lot to get done in a very short period of time. Time to think of school clothes, healthy lunches, back packs, school supplies, and so much more. But don't worry – we at Organize My Chaos have donned our super hero capes and are here to save the day! We have scoured the globe looking for the best solutions to bring calm to the chaos of 'back to school'. Plus, there are a few of us with kids who have added our own best practices to the list when it comes to preparing for that big day. Basics

  • Make sure you have the correct date for the first day of school. Full day or half day? Have you arranged after school care for the children if needed?

  • Ensure children are up to date on all immunizations. If required, make doctor's appointment.

  • What about after school activities? Time to register before it fills up.

  • Do your children need medications at school? Refill prescription before school starts.

  • Does your child have any issues that should be discussed with the teacher prior to class starting? Schedule a visit before the first day of school to introduce yourself and advise teacher of any special arrangements your child may need.

  • Was your child given a school supply list for this year's supplies? If you have the list, use it! Purchase school supplies now before the craziness of school supply shopping hits its frenzy in a couple of weeks.

  • If you are purchasing a new backpack for your child, make sure it is a comfortable fit with wide, padded straps to protect their shoulders. We are amazed at the weight of some of the backpacks kids of all ages are carrying around.

  • Do you need to purchase new lunch bags? Ice packs? Water bottles? Now's the time to do it.

  • Buy yourself a planner or calendar with large write-in spaces. Fill in all dates and activities for the upcoming school year now so you can avoid double booking yourself.