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5 Reasons Why People Are Not Organized

As simple as it seems to be organized, and as commonly as this term flies around, being organized can be a lifelong challenge for many. The barrier between organized and unorganized people has always been there. Unorganized people can’t figure out how other people can remain organized, and vice versa. If you are someone who has problems staying organized, it could be due to one of the five reasons stated below. 1. You Are the (Dreaded) Hoarder Type

There is often one in the family - you might be a hoarder and not even realize it. Hoarders are people who just cannot get rid of their “stuff”, even when they don’t need it. In their mind, they might look at something completely useless and say “I might need it someday” and then tuck it away for later. This is hoarder mentality and, when you have this condition, you either don’t mind or notice the clutter around you. In some cases, you may even become emotionally attached to your clutter.

2. The Clutter Has Seized Your Thinking

This issue is quite common, as well. When you have clutter around you, your mind gets distracted. Your mind seems to believe that there is a “lot of stuff” to do when there actually isn’t. At times, yes, you might have a lot of stuff to do, but this very thought seizes your thinking and leaves you unsure of where to start. You need help, but can’t seem to find any; however, if you are open to the idea, your next step should be a consultation with a professional organizer service.

3. You Don’t Have Time for It

Whether you are a working parent or student with ongoing studies, you can’t always resort to the excuse “I don’t have time for this.” This is an easy way to escape your responsibilities, but it does not mean the clutter will vanish in thin air all on its own some day. As time passes, the dirty, dusty and filthy accumulations become campgrounds for germs and allergens. Once again, it is best to get in touch with a local home organizer before this mentality gets the best of you. 4. You Are Depressed/Stressed

When you are depressed or stressed, you don’t feel like working or doing much of anything at all. The result of chronic depression and stress can contribute to the mess, as it pushes you to binge eat, for example, or makes you lock yourself up at home. This can be a serious situation and requires immediate attention. Get in touch with a local organizing service and let them help you get rid of the mess around you. You will be surprised how happy you feel when your house is neat and clean. Just the sight of a clean and shiny home can be immensely delightful for your heart and mind.

5. You Are a Procrastinator

Procrastinators, unite! This is not an uncommon trait. A huge population of people has the bad habit of procrastinating on important things, while they focus on things that really don’t matter. You would rather watch a funny compilation video on YouTube than clean the mess in your house. This is a perfect scenario for a professional organizer to help put your things in order. Maybe you will be inspired to live a more organized life after seeing your place transformed.

In the end, these are just a few of the scenarios and characteristics that lead to disorganization. Luckily, for every unorganized person, there is likely an organized person nearby with their super-organized cape on, waiting in the wings to save the day. In our case, our team of professional organizers at Organize My Chaos is on standby and ready to help you unclutter your homes, offices and minds. Contact our team of expert organizers today for your free 30-min consultation. Want more tips? Follow us on Pinterest and explore our boards and more organizing tips and ideas!

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