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Get Your Garage in Shape Before the Big Chill!

Winters can be harsh and, in some places, blizzards and snow can totally block your driveways and garages. A well insulated and warm garage can be the ideal place for work or storage during winter. Cold weather can be unpredictable, the temperatures sometimes drop to frightening-lows and all that there is left to do is stay indoors and prepare to plow snow the next morning. Garages are often the space you use for not only parking your car, but to store an assortment of miscellaneous items and whatnot.

If you have installed a power washer, the residual water in the pipes will freeze, causing cracks. The same applies for fuel gels that will also harden and cause damage to combustion engines. If you are storing paint in your garage, it is sure to freeze, which will cause it to separate, making it useless.

Here are a few tips to winterize your garage to save the damage and hassle:


Weatherstripping is really important when it comes to staying warm indoors and prevents the cold draft from entering; however, the climate insider your home may feel a bit colder despite the weatherstripping. The main reason why this may happen is due to cracks or damage. Cracked weatherstripping can get stuck in the door or the garage opening, causing cold drafts of air to escape. The best way to avoid this is to either replace the weatherstripping or get it fixed. When applying new weatherstripping, make sure the previous pieces are completely removed and the surface is smooth. Install the item with the garage door closed so that the rubber flaps are slightly flattened against the door.

2.Heater installation

Unit heaters are the best option for keeping your garage toasty warm. They are cost-effective and also require less space. You can choose between a gas heater and an electric heater, with a gas operated heater usually being the cheaper option and requiring exhaust venting. Electric heaters are easier to install, but may cost you more. Electric heaters are the best option for regions that do not get hit with harsh winters.


Insulation is another effective way to keep your garage from becoming too cold. The fiberglass that is used in insulation is easily available, but installing it is another story. Make sure that you are buying a product that has suitable thickness and is compatible with your garage walls. Make sure that you get the right size, measuring the garage door before buy anything. It is also strongly recommended that you get a professional to install everything.

In a nutshell

Keeping your garage warm and safe during the winter is necessary to keep your belongings safe and semi climate-controlled, and your car damage-free. This also provides an excellent workspace for those wintry days. Take all the necessary measures to winterize your garage and you are all set to have a stress free winter.

If you want your garage to look like this, and you don't know where to begin, we can help. We regularly work with contractors and tradespeople who can help with the building and renovating, while we can help with the organizing. Let us manage your project for you - from start to finish - or bring us in when the work is done to get your items stored so that there is enough room for everything (especially the car!). Call us today for your free 30-minute in-home consultation, and let us help you organize your chaos!

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