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Pegboard is your friend!

For those who aren’t familiar with the word pegboard, it is often described as "that thin wood with lots of little holes that holds hooks." It used to be found mainly in the basement where tools and small packages of screws would be hanging on it from a hook, or out in the garage with an assortment of lawn implements attached to it with bungee cords. The days of pegboard being relegated to the depths of the basement or hidden out in the garage are over! Pegboard has finally risen to its rightful place alongside home decor and organizational aids. Pegboard can be used in literally any room in your house. Craft rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways, and yes, basements and garages. It is one of the most versatile and inexpensive decorating/organizing tools available. No longer kept unadorned and plain, pegboard is now painted, stenciled, framed, and proudly displayed as home decor. The question is no longer “Why would you use pegboard in your house?” It is now “Why wouldn’t you use pegboard in your house?” I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t use it! Here at Organize My Chaos, we’ve embraced pegboard as a valuable organizational tool that can help create a sense of calm in whatever space you use it in. We’ve compiled a few of our favourite Pins for you to take a look at to help get your creative juices started. Hmmm.....which room will be the first to get an organizational make over with pegboard? We’d love to see a pic of how your space turned out!

Take a look at this headboard. Would you have thought of using pegboard for this? There are so many themes you could use when choosing how to paint it. The ideas are limited only by your imagination!

Talk about a teenagers dream headboard. (No pun intended!) Think of the endless possibilities for storage! This idea is originally from the Home Depot blog but is no longer available on their site. However, you can get an idea of how to make your own by looking at the picture. How about this one? What a great way to organize your child's toys, supplies and crafts!

You could use the same principle for many types of toys or activities. Paint the pegboard a colour that works with the room colour scheme and go for it! Red for fire trucks, pinks for princesses, or maybe a combination of orange, pink, blue and green for Paw Patrol Pups! Ask your child for their input – it’s amazing what their creative little minds come up with. Maybe your craft room? Kitchen? Garage? There are so many fantastic ideas for organizing with pegboard. Your garage or workshop?

And last but not least, an incredible way for organizing your favourite beverages....

Would you want this pegboard creation in your home? (I definitely would!) The wine rack is made with acrylic pegboard for a more modern look. Who knew pegboard came in acrylic?! Click on any of the above images to go directly to our Pinterest site. Check out our board - Pegboard Is Your Friend – where you will find these ideas (with links) and many more creative and fun ways to get organized using pegboard. As always, if in doubt, please contact us so we can help you get started organizing with a FREE consultation! Consultations and organizing sessions can also be booked online anytime! Let us organize your chaos - It’s what we love to do!

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