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Tech Thursday: PDF Expert

In today's iPhone/Android age, it is no surprise that there is literally an app for everything. Whether it's something to keep you entertained or stay organized, there is just about any type of application imaginable out there. Many of our clients are surprised to know that our services include office organizing - and we get a lot of customers with bustling businesses and home offices on our roster. One key way that we can help to organize your chaos is by implementing ideas and tips/tricks to help with the paper clutter!

While we all love a good, clean, organized filing system (really, who doesn't?!) we also understand today's business needs. With so many people on the go - and doing business in unconventional locations (coffee shops, touch-down temporary offices, in-home consultations, etc), it's important to have a solution that can follow you and your clients almost anywhere. This week, we are taking a look at PDF Expert - the app that lets you create, manage and have documents signed right at your fingertips, and all without a printer! Who else is tired of running out of ink to maintain a printer that they barely use? With electronic invoicing and e-contracts on the rise, printers are becoming large and cumbersome - taking up valuable real estate on desks and in offices! PDF Expert is an app we love to help eliminate the need for paper and printers. What we really enjoy about this app is the multi-functional capabilities. You can annotate documents on your iPad, or have them signed by your client on your iPhone. Take notes right in the document, file them easily and conveniently, and send copies by email to all parties involved. One of our Realtor clients called us to help with their home office, recently. We were able to suggest this application for use with their clients - not only to eliminate paperwork, but eliminate some of the confusion that comes with all the back and forth on multiple-offer paperwork, and more! They were able to file all agreements for one customer into a simple folder, and share that folder with their colleagues and the client, as necessary. A very simple solution that leaves less room for error when dealing with multiple versions! We suggest this type of software to all our clients who deal with contracts and agreements - or who want a software that they can use to 'mark up' documents when collaborating with others. PDF Expert eliminates the need for a printer, in many cases, but also for paper-heavy filing systems and bulky briefcases used to schlep documents back and forth. All we bring with us is a stylus and our iPad or iPhone when we need a contract signed - and away we go! As always - let us know if you have any questions about how we can organize your chaos. We offer FREE 30-min, in home consultations, and would be pleased to help you get started today! Book online or contact us now!

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