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More Tips for Spring Cleaning

Have you completed all of your spring-cleaning tasks? Dusted? Swept? Purged? Scrubbed? Enough already! We get exhausted simply thinking about trying to cram so much into a short period of time. Won't you be glad when summer finally arrives and you can say so long to this cleaning craze?! By now you know that we prefer the term 'non' spring-cleaning. Easy does it when it comes to cleaning and organizing. The mere thought of having to do so much at once can be completely overwhelming. We prefer the slow and steady approach. Setting reasonable goals, and allowing a reasonable amount of time to complete them. No matter which space you decide to work on, there are basic guidelines to follow in order to make the process less stressful.

  1. Determine what the actual space is to be used for

  2. PURGE all unnecessary, unwanted, and unused items*

  3. Create three separate categories of items: Keep, Donate, Trash

  4. Be brutal when purging your space and place items in appropriate categories/piles

  5. Be reasonable with your expectations – there is only so much available space to work with

  6. Take the time to search magazines or online to get ideas on how you would like your space to look

  7. Purchase any organization/storage tools before you tackle the space

  8. Be prepared to take the required time to achieve the results you want

  9. Don't rush! Sure you can set yourself a deadline, but don't push yourself so hard that you give up without achieving your goal(s).**

  10. Think of a nice treat for yourself when you accomplish your goal!

*If this step is too overwhelming, try placing the items you're not sure you want to keep in a bin and put the bin in the basement or garage. This way the items will be out of sight and you'll have time to determine whether or not you 'need' them. Out of sight is out of mind....which often leads to out of house. **A great way to find time that can be dedicated to decluttering is to turn off all your electronics (and your television) for one hour a day. No phone, iPad, tablet, computer, or television for one whole hour. You can do it! You will be amazed at what you can accomplish in that one hour when you're not being distracted!

A great little tip to refer to when organizing your closet! This little cartoon made all of us chuckle when we read it. Anyone with kids can definitely relate to it!